Leverage Facebook Live

My favorite tool today for increasing sales is Facebook LIVE! This is an incredibly powerful tool and every business should be taking advantage of it right now. Facebook’s algorithm changes often and if Facebook users complain that LIVE is getting out of hand and there are too many notifications then guess what, Live will go away just like the visibility of business pages unless you pay to play. Research shows that 81% of internet users stream live videos on Facebook than the year before. In my opinion, I think Facebook LIVE helps business engage with their customers, get new customers and allows them to brand their business.

I invite you to take it up a notch and go Facebook LIVE with a client. This way you can reach your audience AND your customers audience at the same time. Interviewing a client on your Facebook LIVE would allow you to grow credibility of your business, receive a LIVE five-star review, and reach a much wider audience. MORE

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