Cut the frustration by having a well-designed picture hanging tool that makes short work of getting your two anchor point
Do you dread when someone gives you a framed photo or piece of art? Now, hanging can be a piece
I may not be an expert or a contractor or a handywoman but I can tell you what hardware is
Welcome to your new home!  It took hours and hours to unpack, easy.  It was a lot of heavy lifting
I'm always inspired by the ingenious creativity of some of the women entrepreneurs out there who created products and services
Hanging drawings, paintings or photography can be an art form unto itself. Lining frames up, mounting them evenly, and keeping
There are quite a few gadgets that help you hang pictures... But the Hang-o-matic is one of the newest, smallest
Rabin's invention is simplicity itself. Use the Hang-O-Matic to measure the distance between the two hanging points on the back