One of the best ways to make your room beautiful with great elegance is by creating a gallery wall. It is less stressful relative to some other methods of beautifying your home or office. It doesn’t require painting or covering the wall with wallpapers, etc. All that is needed in hanging your gallery wall is a hammer, frame hooks, and a collection of your art.

Indeed, when you have a blank wall right before you, it might be overwhelming to start arranging your collection. This happens especially if you have a ‘great’ arrangement in your mind already. You’ll want to compare what you want to do with what you have, a blank wall!

Before reaching for your hammer, you need to design your gallery wall layout. Generally, there are two styles to arrange your gallery; the grid style and the eclectic style of arrangement. The easiest way to simulate your arrangement is to do it on the floor. Place your collection on the floor, the way you want it arranged on the wall. This allows you to see how everything will look and move the pieces around until you find the layout you like best.

To be sure the layout is perfect, take each item you want to hang, grab the Hang-O-Matic and start measuring out the frames and match them to the wall. You will want to find the center of the wall and use your Hang-O-Matic to find the center. From there you can start to measure out how far you want all the pictures to be hung. Measure, level, Mark and Hang.

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