Five things dad won’t expect for Father’s Day – but would love to have


Do you dread when someone gives you a framed photo or piece of art? Now, hanging can be a piece of cake with the Hang-O-Matic. This simple tool is a tape measure, a level and a marker, all built into one. But best of all, in just minutes you can measure the correct dimensions for your hangers and make sure you install them plumb and level.

Merely pull out the tape measure and match it up with the hangers on the back of your frame. Now, without changing anything, merely walk over to the wall where you want to hang the picture, level the bubble in the center of your tape and push in on the two marking devices. Two dimples will be made in your drywall and that’s where your nails or screws will go.

Perfectly measured and perfectly plumb, you should be hanging your picture in less than two minutes with no more out of level issues. Read more here

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